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 Plastic Bags & Sheets

 P.P, L.D.P.E, H.M, Bags, Rolls& Sheet, P.P twine, Shopping Bags, Non woven bags, Kirana bags, all types 
 carry bags etc.

 Which are supplied by Halai Techno Plast are cost effective than other packaging material available in the

 We offer a wide range of Bags & Sheets in different sizes, colour and variety of materials based on
 density and thickness.

 • These bags can be supplied with the wide range and thickness as per requirements.
 • Multi Colour Flexo & Roto gravure printing can be done on these bags.

Bags P.P twine Rolls & Sheets Non woven bags
Shopping Bags      

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 We offer P.P, H.D.P.E Woven Sacks Bags, These Bags are available in strong, light weight, frosted in
 appearance, excellent tensile strength with great carrying capacity.

 Our company supplies the most versatile range of Woven Sacks Bags to many customers. These bags are
 used in various industries.

 Our bags are made from superior quality of raw material and designed to meet the varied requirement of
 the clients.

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 1. H.D.P.E Double limited Tarpaulin in different GSM & also available in U. V stabilized.
 2. SILPAULIN As per IS 14611- 1998
 3. PE Tarpaulin
 4. Canvas tarpaulin




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 PE Geomembrane Lines

 These PE Geomembrane Liners are made out of high quality material in plain & textured variety.

 The growing concern over contamination of valuable water resources and fluid migration to sub surfaces
 oil and ground water has results in the increasing awareness of interest in and demand for geo-
 membranes made from High Density Polyethylene materials.




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 Kitchenware Disposable Items

 1. Plasic- Dish, Bowl, glass, Spoon, Straw Etc
 2. Papper- Dish, Bowl, Glass, Napkin, Toilet roll, etc..
 3. Aluminium foil, clink film, Table Cloth Etc.
 4. Tooth pick, Hand glass, Head cap, Etc.



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Agriculture Product
  • H.D.P.E shade net
  • Fencing Net
  • Fruit net
  • Mulching Film
  • Plantation Bags
  • Fruit pet punnet
  • Bird net
  • Vegetable Carry bags
  • Dhoriya pipe
  • Carets

 We will provide all products as per requirement

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 Plastic Packing Machinery

 All types of plastic packaging machines.





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 Other Products
  • B.O.P.P self adhesive Tape & It’s Dispenser
  • Box strapping roll & it’s Machine
  • Scratch Film
  • Rain Coat & Umbrella
  • Woven Bag Closing thread & it’s Machine
  • P.P & H.D.P.E Rope 8. Plastic & Cotton Nivar
  • Tiles potation Sheet
  • Stationery items- Stapler, stapler pin, Marker pen, ink, Cutter etc.